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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Water TNH

When I was chatting with a friend about ways to pull off this week's TNH theme, she suggested that I take a picture of the community pool and that's when I decided to have fun with the secondary theme of "Warning" - I already had an idea on how to pull off the main "Water" theme.

I initially thought it would be hard or next to impossible to pull off my version of "Warning" where I would juxtaposition the warning against kids diving off  the boards, but a girl did me a huge favor without realizing it.  Just a matter of being in the right place at the right time...

I was standing off to the side at the shallow end, adjusting and aiming at "NO DIVING" painted into the concrete when she ran into the view.  Ah, a moment of serendipity!  I waited to see if she would do it again and she did, jumping into the pool again.  I waited for her to get out again and after she ran to the turn-around point, I got set for her, and I caught her as she ran past to jump into the pool.

The result?

I caught the leg as she whizzed past and I captured the lift-off from that foot along with the shadow of that girl jumping gleefully into the pool.


Wish I could say the same for the rollovers - in fact, I had a scare right after I snapped the first one.  I noticed a wet spot underneath the Lifeproof screen...and it was growing. I hurried out of the pool and took the case apart.  Found the "O-ring" wasn't completely set into the groove.  Pushed it back in securely, cleaned the case out, and put everything back together.

I went right back into the pool, did the quick dip and long dip tests.  No problem.  I was able to get the second rollover...but not before snapping...yes, you guessed it...a blooper.  That one is definitely a keeper for TNH's Tumblr!  Go there and see what didn't float my boat, so to speak.  ;)

Don't forget to visit The Naughty Hangout to see who else participated.


KaziGrrl said...

Great captures! especially the underwater shots, love 'em! :D

~Kazi xxx

Curvaceous Dee said...

Congratulations and welcome to the Scavenger Hunt - with a new category, no less! You've earned yourself a Bronze award, which you can claim from the bottom of the Hunt page :)

xx Dee

Jack and Jill said...

Well done! Clever shots, and we're glad there was no damage done to your phone.

PaganPrincess said...

Holy Shit! You sure took a risk getting that rollover shot at a public pool. Ballsy, and hot as hell. Next time I'm at the pool, I'll be thinking all kinds of new and interesting things!

the late phoenix said...

excellent as always...y'know, i'm starting to see how difficult it is to incorporate two or even all three themes...i might have to actually try that sometime to see for myself, wink wink

Hedone said...

The 'no diving' captures are great.

Oh, and you can do a long dip test on me anytime ;-)

Cheers to naughtiness!


Twisted Angel said...

You naughty naughty man.. I am sending you to time out in my room .. ahem... misbehaving in public like that. Love the shots though. I would have had a heart attack as well about the phone eeekk

Nolens Volens said...

Kazi - you would drown trying to capture those shots because you wouldn't want to miss a moment of it...right?

Curvaceous Dee - I started a new category? Awesome! You should give me a new medal just for that. Hehe

J & J - IKR! Whew.

PP - be sure to jump into the pool often so others can't see your wet spot. ;)

Phoenix - go for it! It's so much fun that I have not missed a week of doing TNH this year. Never went more than maybe 4 weeks in a row, but 6 months solid? Oh la la!

Hedone - you totally nailed me on the long dip test...I couldn't stop grinning after that!

Twisted Angel - and you would have me do what in your room? ;)